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Do you need to get your business online?

Do you need to get your business online and need some good, honest and practical help to do that?

One of the ways I thought I could help is by pulling together all my experience of creating various types of online ecosystems for my business, and creating an online course full of practical, down to earth advice and tutorials.

I’m not a techy geek, but I do know what’s required and how to use programs, apps and integrations for creating a website and selling physical products, online appointments, video conferencing, courses and videos.

Rather than just show you one thing, I’ll show you how everything links together AND how to use them all, saving you TIME and MONEY.



Georgina Langdale

Are you feeling stuck – in life, work or business? Are you looking for advice and guidance but worried that you’ll just be gobbled up by sharks? 

I’m Georgina Langdale. Welcome to my site.

After years of working for other companies and organisations, and then building my own award-winning business, Archeus. I now love helping others get equipped with some some skills to give their dreams wings.

After years of delving deep into the healing power of nature to help people (and me) through the tough stuff, I find it deeply fulfilling to share knowledge and techniques of working with nature for beauty, health and well-being.

I believe in taking a heart-centred approach to life and work.  I am committed to working with, rather than against nature. I love sharing knowledge (and keeping it practical). And I think it’s hard to beat the feeling of giving back to society and to nature.

Check out my online courses, in-person workshops, individual and group coaching. I here to help you transform your life or business (or both!).

Georgina Langdale


Develop your oneness with the natural world. Learn how connecting to nature can help reduce anxiety, loneliness, grief and help you get through the tough stuff.


Do you want help to understand the tech ecosystem and get your business (any business) online?

Learn how to identify your business impacts on nature (to then be able to reduce them).

Get the lowdown on the everything you need to know to build a natural beauty business.


Learn how to help family, friends, patients with the positive power of connecting to nature at the end of life.

“Georgina, a big thanks for creating ways for people to explore beyond ‘what is'. An amazing experience. Namaste”
Robyn A


Deepen your knowledge and connection to nature through online and in-person training opportunities

Transform your life, work and business with individual and business coaching programmes.

you can build a nature based business

You want to build a business that works with nature, not against it, right?

You want to learn how connecting to nature can help you put the work in while feeling more supported and insightful than you ever have before, yes?

I can help you do that.

Before I built my own successful natural products brand and business I had an international career that included running a communications agency in London, trade development work across Europe and the Middle East, connecting the corporate world and conservation at Kew Gardens; and working on the economics of ecosystem and biodiversity issues at a global level with the United Nations.

I’m blending all of this together with the wisdom of ancients and the intelligence of nature to support beauty brand start-ups, entrepreneurs and artisans as you transform your thinking, your management style and your business to meet the challenges of our modern age.

Don’t expect the same old boring business training or coaching. This is about building a beauty business ecosystem that places nature at the heart of the key decisions you make about your business. This is about you as part of this planet – not separate from it. Ready?



Morning Mist Meditation

Hello, I hope this finds you well. This morning as I walked in the forest in the mist, this meditation came through or me. It gives me pleasure to share it with you here. If you like this, and would like to listen to more, I invite you to join my newsletter, or follow me …

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Getting your business online

do you need to get your business online? COVID-19 is changing the way we live, and the way we do business. If you are a small business operator and you need to get your offering online, I can help you. I’ve learnt how to work with a range of online apps, platforms and integrations. I …

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Tapping into Wellsprings of Strength

  As we find ourselves in isolation and lockdown in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we can take heart and find strength by aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature. Here is New Zealand it is Autumn and we can harness this time of turning inwards and downwards, the preparation for winter, for …

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Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

My promise to you:

    • To teach you all I can with openness, generosity and humour;
    • To guide you with care, discretion and compassion;
    • To share with you ancient and modern knowledge to help you build a better world;
    • To keep a connection to nature at the heart of all we do.

Join a community of souls  and entrepreneurial spirits passionate about being the change.

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

GEORGINA langdale

Georginalangdale.com is a division of Archeus Ltd company number: 3719135

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