Georgina Langdale

transforming life through nature

Everything is connected. Drawing on the wisdom of ancients and the healing power of nature, I help you  see and understand yourself  in ways that are deeply rooted in human experience and our connection to nature.

Georgina’s easeful presence, deep knowledge and acceptance was exactly what I needed to help me work through what I was in need of and to source the best for me.
Georgina is a plant alchemist, apothecary and a shaman with deep wisdom and true healing gifts. Thank you Georgina – this is alchemy for the soul.
Georgina is genuinely gifted and in a deep integral connection with nature and all her beings. Her healing energy shines through. Thank you for making these wonderful healing products.



Connect anywhere

The joy of technology means we connect directly, regardless of where you are on this beautiful spinning globe


Sustainably harvested. organically grown. Handcrafted. This is about creating a future that works with Nature.

Giving back

Every purchase you make with me here, contributes to plant conservation and habitat restoration work

From me to you

tap into the visceral power of this landscape

Wherever in the world you are


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Morning Mist Meditation

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Getting your business online

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Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

Join a community of souls and entrepreneurial spirits passionate about transforming life and business through a deep connection with nature

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

GEORGINA langdale

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