We birth into life, and into death

Georgina Langdale

My darling father passed away on Thursday night. 

He had a stroke on Tuesday morning and from that moment I was with him through the unwinding of his life, until late Thursday night when he died. Over those days he held my hand. And I held his.

We birth into life, and into death

I love my father and he will leave a huge hole in my life. I still can’t quite believe he has gone. I think, in his last days, hours, minutes, I learned more about love than I have ever learned before.

We birth into life and we birth into death. There is comfort in counting breath…. in….. and out. We each get through these moments as best we can. This is a time for compassion and kindness, not perfection.

I called on nature to help us both through this transition and I called on the healing wisdom I have gained to calm us both on his journey.
After this week, his funeral, my tears, I will write about this, the things that helped, because there may be a chance it can help someone else

2 thoughts on “We birth into life, and into death”

  1. Ludzie buduja za duzo murow, a za malo mostow. Choduja zbyt duzo knurow, a za malo porostow… Izaac Newton & GreenPeace

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