Tapping into Wellsprings of Strength


As we find ourselves in isolation and lockdown in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we can take heart and find strength by aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature. Here is New Zealand it is Autumn and we can harness this time of turning inwards and downwards, the preparation for winter, for our own support. This can be a time for feeding and nourishing the soul. For exploring who we are without the distraction of the day to day busyness of our lives. We can focus on what we have, rather than what we want.

Over the coming weeks, I will be recording a series of Nature Therapy videos and guided visualisations to support you through these strange times. They will encourage you and show you how you can tap into the healing power of nature, wherever you are. They can, as I like to say, “Bring Nature into your room”.  I will show you ways in which you can send love and connection to people you are separated from, such as loved ones in care homes or other locations.

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Go well, take time for yourself, reconnect with those you love.

With blessings,

Georgina xx

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