Speaking One’s Truth


Imagine a plant energy that could help you speak your truth, be heard, listen better. Would you want to meet that plant?

May I introduce to you Mullein, Verbascum thapsus.

Traditionally Mullein has been used as a lung remedy, which makes sense when you spend time with this plant and observe its soft, furry leaves veined like bronchioles and alveoli. Its delicate yellow flowers on those thrusting stalks are an ear remedy. The flowers would infuse their properties into olive oil, and a few drops of the oil would be used. I have used this on men, dogs and children and found it helpful.

Mullein also has a reputation for helping put things back in place and was used as a poultice on bits that get bent out of shape.

Energetically, all that medicine for lung and ear makes it a plant of communication, a powerful ally for people trying to speak their truth, or who need to learn how to listen with less judgement, more clarity. This plant has a wise woman energy, the wisdom of crone helping bring things back into balance, things falling back into Right Place.

Did I mention crone? Yes I did. Some people say that with that great big old phallic stalk, Mullein has a masculine energy. I can see that, but I also see the ones on the hill with a crown of stalks; the grandmother looking over the next generation as they grow all soft-leafed and gentle.

Mullein has been man and can be crone. How beautiful that is. What great energy to work with and a powerful ally, which is why I make a plant essence with it.

Would you like to get to know Mullein better? Would you like to experience her as a remedy, a friend? This is where plant essences can help you. They are a subtle yet powerful form of ‘earth medicine’ and a beautiful way of connecting with Nature. I love making Mullein essence and making them available through my Archeus website.

Plant essences are simple to use. I’ve put them into handy 10ml dropper bottles for you. All you need to do is put a couple of drops into water and sip. You don’t need much – that’s the beauty of the quantum physics of botanics. That sip, that communion merges with your own Self.  In the still place between breaths feel that energy, that plant supporting you. Mullein helping you speak your truth. A beautiful medicine of plant and earth.

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