Soul Garden with Karen Johnson

Are you dealing with a sense of grief or loss right now? Maybe these coronavirus times are making you mourn for the freedoms we had just a short time ago? Or maybe you have lost a loved one and your not sure how to deal with the pain and the heartbreak and the loss? What is the ‘new normal’ for you now?

Welcome to my new Video and podcast – SOUL GARDEN – Living in a Connected World.

My guest on this show is the lovely, wise and talented Karen Johnson. Karen’s life has seen her journey from federal law judge to shamanic healer. Since the tragic death of her son, she has walked an intensely personal journey through grief and towards enlightenment. She and I explore the ways we both work with grief, death and the medicine wheel.

We hope you enjoy it. Please do leave a comment below.

Georgina xx

3 thoughts on “Soul Garden with Karen Johnson”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to you both and the wisdom you carry! Thanks for sharing your stories. I especially enjoyed the idea of the wheel in relation to grief – think I must be in the north currently and would love some guidance on moving forward from here!

  2. I have absolutely loved listening to you two wise wonderful multi-dimensional courageous women discuss your respective and interweaving paths. I resonate profoundly with what you have shared. I have my own experiences with plants, shamanism (without knowing that’s what it was at the time) and an ongoing relationship with grief I would love to hmm ‘consolidate?’ make sense of and share to assist others. Perhaps you are the guides in this I have been seeking without knowing I am seeking as such. Yes I am interested in seeing you work together – a wonderful loving bond between you was just so evident. I have signed up to your newsletter and perhaps will be in further contact soon. Namaste and Nga Mihinui, Nina

    1. Georgina Langdale

      Kia ora Nina

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I totally relate to your comment about the ‘not knowingness of shamanism’, I love the way it is there for us to tap into, even when we don’t give it a name.
      It would be a privilege to be part of your journey.
      Georgina xx

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