The Healers Plant Essence Set


Plant essences are a subtle yet powerful form of plant medicine and a beautiful way of finding allies and emotional support from the landscape – wherever you are.  Each of the Healer essences protects us, supports us in times of change and helps us move forward with a sense of peace and joy.

Welcome to this set of plant essences I have called The Healers. Each of the Healer essences protects us, supports us in times of change and helps us move forward with a sense of peace and joy.

Plant essences are a subtle yet powerful form of plant medicine and a beautiful way of finding allies and emotional support from the landscape – wherever you are.

Throughout time people have felt a deep connection to the landscape and to the plants, creatures and waters around them. From this connection they have found healing, wisdom, shelter, art, ritual and culture.

The renaissance physician, philosopher and alchemist, Paracelsus, called the energy that connects us with nature and the universe the Archeus, and said that in order to heal we must work with this vital force.

Since my childhood, I have sensed the Archeus and instinctively turned to nature for help and healing. Now, five hundred years on from Paracelsus, I am committed to helping others connect to the healing power of nature and to finding their own medicine in the landscape.

In this set, you have essences of Kowhai, Kawakawa and Totara. These are three iconic New Zealand native tree species. They are strong healers and beautiful plant allies for you as you go through life. They will help you deepen your connection to nature in powerful and life-affirming ways.

When we recognise a plant for its energetic ‘character’ as well as its physical form and therapeutic benefits, this subtle yet powerful form of healing becomes available to us. Each plant’s unique energetic properties melds with our own energetic needs, bringing us back to a place of harmony and balance.

Archeus plant essences are handcrafted from organically grown and wildcrafted plant material harvested according to season and the lunar calendar. We also use quartz-infused water and grape alcohol for preservation.

You can use these essences on their own, or you can create your own blend according to need. Enjoy and let the magic happen.

Georgina x


Kawakawa (Botanical name: Macropiper excelsum)
Positive attribute: sense of peace and well-being, ability to move on from trauma or illness
Helps when: can’t see the light, feeling uncertain
primary quality: protection
planetary influence: Saturn (with moon)
medicine wheel: West
chakra: 2nd
Kawakawa is a beautiful tree, so full of healing and goodwill. Its leaves are heart-shaped and its energy is cleansing, healing and stimulating. Kawakawa grows under the forest canopy and at the edges of the forest, reaching out for the light. Like the way it grows, kawakawa helps you move from darkness into light. Kawakawa dispels negative thoughts, bringing about a sense of peace. It helps in times of hardship, sorrow and grief, offering safe haven, enabling you to navigate your way back to joy. It is a guiding light, a gentle energy, a smile when you need it.

Kowhai (Botanical name: Sophora microphylla)
positive attribute: helps with transitions
helps when: can’t cope with new situations, shock
primary quality: strength
planetary influence: Venus
medicine wheel: West
chakra: 3rd
The magic of kowhai is its ability to help us in times of transition and sudden change. It’s there for us at beginnings and endings. Kowhai does not change a
situation, but it helps us function within it. It steps up for us when a situation in our life changes suddenly and unexpectedly. Traditionally kowhai was used to help reset broken limbs and it is this energy of healing what is broken that makes it so valuable as a plant ally in times of sudden change. Its yellow flowers are like the sun coming out. The first flowering of Kowhai marks the last frost of the season. All change, a new season. And so it is for us; kowhai helps us through change and into new phases of our life.

Totara (Botanical name: Podocarpus totara)
Positive attribute: guarded, protected, grounded, sense of place and strength
Helps when: vulnerable, weak, lacking direction
Primary quality: strength
Planetary influence: Mars with Saturn
Medicine wheel: East
Chakra: 7th
Totara is a magnificent tree with a deeply protective masculine energy. A protector at doorways or thresholds, Totara watches out for you. Trees are Standing People
and they see all around, surveying everything. Totara reminds us there is wisdom in stillness. Although totara is a strong grounding ally, it also has a watery aspect. Used to make the great Maori waka (canoe), the tree embodies this balance of earth and water. With totara on your side, you are protected, you have vision and wisdom. He helps you think before acting and his energy will carry you on your journey


How to use plant essences

These Archeus plant essences can be used directly or made into essence blends.

Using directly from stock bottle:
Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.

Making a plant essence blend:
Add 5ml or teaspoon of brandy (apple cider vinegar if preferred) to a 20-25ml glass dropper bottle and fill with spring water.
Add 3 drops of the selected stock essence.
Place 2-4 drops from the treatment bottle on the tongue 3-4 times a day or as required.


In this set:

You will receive 3x10ml stock essences beautifully presented in a giftbox. An information leaflet on each essence and how to use them is enclosed.

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