Your ultimate personalized care for beauty, soul and spirit made with renaissance astrology, herbs and energetic connection. Custom made just for you.

Combining a deep knowledge of plants and their medicinal, beauty and spiritual uses; the wisdom of renaissance physicians and philosophers and the energetic understanding of shamans, Astrobotanics is complete care for body and soul.

Based on information* you give me, and by drawing on ancient philosophy about the ways our health and well-being is intimately connected with plants, elements and the cosmos, I will create for you, and for you only, creams, oils and essences that are made from the plants that are allies for your unique physical and spiritual well-being.

*completing the FIND YOUR MAGIC consultation is a prerequisite for accessing this offering.

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1:       To be eligible for the Astrobotanics offering, you will first need to complete the FIND YOUR MAGIC consultation as this provides the time, date and place of your birth, the patterns in the sky at that time, the cosmic bumps and pulls, the place where you live now with its seasons and lunar cycles. Each bit of information is a piece of the picture of you. From this, I select your plant allies to nourish, calm, clear, soothe and support body and soul as you move through the calendar year.

2:       Upon purchase, you will be sent an additional questionnaire to complete and submit. That questionnaire will be the opportunity for you to share any particular health or skin issues you may have.*

PLEASE NOTE: You can purchase one seasonal set at a time, or save 10% with the purchase of an annual offering of four packages (one sent every three months from delivery of the first package).

* Please note this information remains strictly confidential.


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