Soul Garden is my shiny new podcast!

People have been asking me to do this for years now and so it is almost here and I’m so excited about it.

Soul Garden is where I explore the ancient and the new. Where the idea of connecting to nature becomes a conversation. Where I get to interview amazing people doing amazing things in areas including healing, shamanism, end of life, compassionate care, conservation, astrology and ecology.

Is there something you’d love to hear about? Drop me a line with suggestions for future programmes and I’ll see what I can do!

Georgina xx


Rob McGowan, or Pa Ropata as he is also known, is one of this country’s national living treasures. He has loved plants ever since he was old enough to grab one in his tiny fist. His fascination grew when he was given responsibility for looking after the fernery at the Greenmeadows seminary in Hawke’s Bay while training to be a Marist priest, and later, when he returned to his hometown of Whanganui and learned about the medicinal uses of plants from local kaumatua, Maori elders. Since retiring from the priesthood over 25 years ago, Pa has devoted his life to ensuring that matauranga Maori (traditional Maori knowledge) is being woven into conservation management, thus ensuring not only the preservation of indigenous trees used for rongoa Maori, or traditional Maori medicine, but also the culture that surrounds it. 

Tiwaiwaka is a collection of principles and a shared vision that he believes will empower us to create a long term future for us and especially for the generations that follow us. Rob joined me in the apothecary today and shared some of that vision.

These are gentle words of wisdom from a beautiful man. You can find out more and subscribe to Rob’s newsletter at www.tiwaiwaka.nz


There is so much unrest and turmoil in the world right now, yet the natural world is also providing ways for us to make a positive change, to step up and be the change we wish to see in this world. This episode takes a look at the solar eclipse that is taking place this Sunday; we look at what makes it so special, and how it gives us the opportunity to use it as a force for good.


This episode was prompted by the previous interview with Karen Johnson. In this episode I take a look at working with plant energy and the medicine wheel to help journey through grief. Working with the vibrational medicine of plant essences made in my organic gardens and the surrounding forests,  I craft directional plant elixirs to help with strength, courage, release and memory.
Find out how I work with them and the four directions of the medicine wheel.

EPISODE ONE: Grief & Connection - with guest Karen Johnson

How do we navigate the death of a loved one and the grief after they are gone? How do we navigate the death of normal in the face of Covid-19? 
Four Winds Light Body School teacher, Karen Johnson, joins me for a poignant and powerful discussion about how we both came to terms with loss and grief, and then stepped out on a path to help others on this journey.
We share insights into shamanic practices of the medicine wheel and the energetics of plant allies that can help support us in grief and death.
Candid, heartfelt, this is a tender exploration of new ways to deal with grief in the ‘new normal’.

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“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

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