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I launched my award-winning natural products business Archeus in 2013. In 2015 I started running workshops to help people deepen their own connection to Nature and to learn a range of skills including making their own natural skincare, developing their shamanic connection to nature, learning about plant essences and energetics, natural perfumery and making their own incense and other aromatic delights.

Over the years I have taught hundreds of beautiful souls and it has been great fun and often poignantly moving.

Now I am developing a range of online courses; from mini “Make Your Own…” to longer more in-depth courses so you can really dig deep into your own connection with Nature.

Check out the courses below and yes, I will be adding more to this space.

more courses coming soon

GOOD Magazine – Winner,  Beauty Industry Award

Pure Beauty Global Awards – Finalist, Best New Premium Skincare Product

Sustainable Business Network – Finalist, Sustainability Champion

Pure Beauty Awards – Finalist, Best New Natural Product


Build a business that works with and is inspired by Nature

Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

Join a community of souls and entrepreneurial spirits passionate about transforming life and business through a deep connection with nature

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

GEORGINA langdale

Georginalangdale.com is a division of Archeus Ltd company number: 3719135

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