Menopause and other Transitions

Life is quite the classroom, and menopause is quite a teacher. We’re not really told about menopause and what it brings us. We hear snippets about hot flashes and hormones all over the place, but we’re not really told about the good, the bad and the ugly of it all.

I launched my natural skincare business Archeus back in 2013. I was blissfully unaware then of what menopause would bring.  Drawing on my deep knowledge of herbal medicine and the human body, every product I developed was created to help specific issues.

One day, a woman came to see me and asked if I could make anything for vaginal dryness. It had come on with menopause and was so bad that delicate skin split when she walked. I was very moved by her request and it also shocked me as to how little I knew then about the changes our bodies experience as we go through this life transition. So, I researched all I could and made what is now called NatFem Balm to help ease the problem.

it also shocked me as to how little I knew then about the changes our bodies experience as we go through this life transition

Since then I’ve gone through menopause and I also now find this balm to be helpful. I understand now her suffering and I feel somehow spiritually connected to every woman who goes through this life passage initiation. As NatFem started selling,  other women started coming to me with other problems like lichen sclerosis, UTI’s, Sjogren’s syndrome and the effects from treatments like chemotherapy. NatFem helped many of them too. Then doctors and rheumatologists and practice nurses started asking about it and recommending it to their patients.

One day a woman wrote to me and said that my balm made her “feel whole, feel like a woman again.” I cried. And I felt that as this all unfolded, the thing that was truly palpable was the relief from women that someone understood their problem and had done something, created something natural to help it, to help them.

I like helping people. It seems part of my hardwiring. Some of my deepest regrets are around not feeling that I helped someone enough.

However, it seems that business, like life, does not necessarily go in a straight line. There I was initially making products, but over time people started coming to me as they faced other major life transitions: changing states of health and circumstance and also the end of life. Through my own journey, I feel deeply drawn to this compassionate and healing work and I have to confess it is the work that I have done at the bedside of people dying, and in those moments after death, that has taught me so much about life. I responded by developing coaching and guidance offerings, as well as creating a range of Archeus plant essences to deepen connections to nature to enhance and support life journeys. I believe our connection to Nature is key to how we navigate life and death.  This has become a growing focus of my work, my service in this world.

I’ve worked with the healing power of nature for many years and it has taught me a great deal, but I have also continued to study with teachers and institutions across the world, from integrative health schools and palliative care experts, to shamanic practitioners and Buddhist masters. Demand for my own teaching work is now also growing internationally, which I have to say I love. I love taking my place in a long lineage of healers through time and in turn, handing that knowledge on.

But all this serving comes with its own problems. I started to find I had a very long ‘to do’ list which started to exert its presence on my own health, and this forced me to make changes. I realised I was holding on to everything too tight. We think that we need to grasp at everything to save ourselves from oblivion, financial or otherwise. But the reality is, if we live in the truth of Nature, we can understand that there are times for holding on and times for cutting away, for letting go.

if we live in the truth of Nature, we can understand that there are times for holding on and times for cutting away, for letting go

In 2020, I decided to step fully into the work around enhancing life journeys and teaching, so Archeus came under the wing of georginalangdale.com. And recently I have begun the process of cutting away things, of letting things go. But, one of the ‘skincare’ products will remain, even if it sits a little oddly with the rest of my offerings. That product is NatFem balm and it stays within my basket, my kete of offerings because of the silent suffering endured by so many women and the simple truth of serving them by having created a product to ease their pain.

Menopause and Nature – two great teachers in life’s classroom. I’m glad I’ve journeyed through menopause. I like being a woman in my fifties. I like looking at life with a good chunk of experience under my slowly expanding belt.

Oh and the word ‘Archeus’  – it dates back to the early 1500’s and means simply “the vital force that connects us, Nature and the Universe.” It is the thread through everything I do, it is the trail through the forest that I follow.

Here is the thread through my offerings, all crafted in Havelock North and drawing on the stuff life teaches:

  • Archeus NatFem Balm available in NZ and the USA (via my listing on Amazon).
  • Archeus plant essences and custom-made Astrobotanics
  • Coaching and guidance to support life transitions, personal development and end of life.
  • Online learning – a range of courses and seminars sharing knowledge about ways we can work with the healing power of Nature
  • Online mini-courses on how to make many of the Archeus natural skincare products I used to make and sell for you (coming soon)

Every purchase supports plant conservation. Purchase online. And if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly.

Georgina xx


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