Nature has been my guide and healer
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life comes full circle

I found an old notebook of mine the other day. I must have been in my twenties when I wrote in it. On the first page I had written, “I don’t want to make my love of nature a science, I wish to make it life. I wish to live within nature, to tell its stories.”

Since writing those words I’ve lived and worked in different cities around the world. I’ve worked for large institutions, government agencies and the private sector. In 2013 I launched my award-winning business Archeus and from that point everything began to change.

 I became fascinated with the ways in which man has connected with nature for health and wellbeing, spiritual growth, artistic inspiration and innovation throughout time.  And via a long, circuitous and intensely lived journey, this looking deeper and deeper into how we connect with nature has become my life’s work.

Now all the different personal and professional strands of my life are coming full circle: the experiences we step away from, we find ourselves returning to, wisdom gained coming together like a braid of sweetgrass, or a basket woven from flax. Each day that basket is filled with the pleasure of helping you or your business connect to and be inspired by the healing power of nature.

“Everything is connected. Nothing is wasted.”


An unexpected beginning

For me, a traumatic childhood event was the catalyst that opened the door to the healing power of nature. In shamanism they say that the ones with the greatest ability to heal are those that have been wounded in some way. I am convinced that this event put me on the path of the Wounded Healer. For over forty years now and regardless of ‘the day job’,  I have been working with the concept of nature-based wellness of people, places and even economies. Along the way studying environmental science, herbalism, botany and nutrition and honing my skill as a coach, massage therapist, reiki master and shamanic practitioner.

“ I am part of dreaming a world of connection with nature back into being.”

What I have learned has transformed my life:

Nature has helped me turn pain into empathy, anger into compassion and experience into words… an alchemy of the soul. I sometimes wonder if things had been different, if they had been kinder, whether I would have connected so strongly with that vital force. I am grateful for being made open to this gift.

I’ve learned that we can’t shake off our stories, but we don’t have to be defined by them. We can dream a better future into being. For me, my dreaming has seen me return to that close relationship with nature, with more knowledge gained and more life lived. I am doing just what I wrote in that notebook all those years ago. I am making nature my life.  I am part of dreaming a world of connection with nature back into being.

"This journey has transformed my life and I would like to help you transform yours."
"This journey has transformed my life and I would like to help you transform yours."

Yearning for a true connection to nature

I had a rural upbringing in England and New Zealand. But like so many others, I ended up migrating to the city where I worked (and played) hard, carving out a high-pressure career.

There were times when I would have paid anything for something to help me feel that visceral connection to nature. The fact you are reading this means you probably know what that longing feels like. Finally, I heeded the signs and stepped away from my career to further my true calling.

In 2012 I returned to New Zealand, where I have dedicated myself to developing my ways of working with the healing power of nature to help others. I’ve worked with young and old, the healthy and the dying, the heartbroken and the joyful. I’ve also advised companies and learnt how to build my own. My products have been recognised in international awards and I have won awards for the work I am doing. I’ve turned yearning into doing.

“Turning yearning into doing”

Bridging ancient wisdom and modern living

The renaissance physician, philosopher and alchemist, Paracelsus, called the energy that connected us with nature and the universe the Archeus, and said that in order to heal we must work with this vital force. Now, five hundred years on from Paracelsus, I am committed to helping others connect to the healing power of nature and find their own medicine in the landscape.

The ideal time to build your own connection with nature is now. When you work with me or buy my products, you no longer just see a view, you see the plants and places within it. Weeds become powerful healers. Ancient ways of looking at the world find new relevance and you learn how to nourish body, mind, spirit and soul at a whole new level, regardless of whether you live in an urban or rural setting.

Let’s step out on this journey together. I can help you discover your plant allies and find your soul medicine in the landscape, or help you build your own business that places nature at the heart of every decision made. What are you waiting for?

“The ideal time to build your own connection with nature is now.”


Over the years my connection with nature has manifested in a number of ways. In 2013 I launched my award-winning business,  Archeus so that I could handcraft creams, oils, elixirs and other apothecary products for body and soul. In 2019 I launched georginalangdale.com as the place in which I can hand on knowledge.

I’d really love to connect with you….

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Come with me on this journey back to connections we’ve always had, but just lost sight of.

Join a community of souls  and entrepreneurial spirits passionate about the ways we can work nature.

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

GEORGINA langdale

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