Learn how to work with Nature at the End of Life

I wanted to let you know about a very special series of workshops I’ll be teaching in October live and online thanks to my friends at The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York.

The three-session series is called: Connecting to Nature at the End of Life: Navigating this sacred passage. This course is suitable for:

  • People preparing for their own death
  • Family members
  • End of life coaches and doulas
  • Palliative care workers
  • Grief counsellors
  • Funeral directors
  • Healers

Life is a sacred circle of beginnings and endings, and sometimes we need someone or something, to help us walk this path. What life and death teaches us, Nature helps heal and support. It can be both anchor and wings, belonging and mystery. Connecting to Nature is an integral part of how we can navigate our own journey, and it can help us in the ways we are there for loved ones too.

Why should the end of life mean that we can’t be connected to things we have loved in life: a landscape, a favourite flower, a tree, a night sky? How do we work with plant energetics and earth medicine to help cope with death and loss?

I have developed and used a range of techniques in hospices, care homes, dementia units, on a hospital ward, as well as in my guidance and coaching practice. They are not obtrusive. They don’t contraindicate with other medications. They are infinitely tender and caring and they support everyone in the room. In this course we will explore the way Nature can help us navigate the end of life.

Date: Monday 12 October 5.00pm EST/ Tuesday 13 October 10.00am NZ time

We explore what is meant by connecting to Nature, methods of deepening connection in the end of life journey, profiles of some powerful plant allies.

Date: Monday 19 October 5.00pm EST / Tuesday 20 October 10.00am NZ time

In session two we take a seat at the bedside and learn techniques to use that can help everyone in the room cope with their own emotional and spiritual journeys at this time.

Date: Monday 26 October 5.00pm EST/ Tuesday 27 October 10.00am NZ time

Discover ways that you can work with nature to help create a sense of peace, care and connection after a loved one passes.

What is included in this three-part series?

  • Access to all three live & virtual workshops, facilitated by yours truly
  • Downloadable course materials
  • Recordings of all the virtual workshops

This course is being hosted by The Alchemist’s Kitchen. Bookings in advance are essential. Please note that if you can’t make the live sessions you will be sent a recording. The cost for the full course is USD$99 but if you use the code NATURE10 you will receive a 10% discountClick here to book.

Georgina xx

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