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How do you rebuild yourself after loss?

How do you prepare for loss?

How much stronger would you feel knowing that you can tap into the medicine of the landscape?

Imagine working with ancient wisdom to help navigate modern living.

 kaumatua (wise elder) said to me, “We need to find a way of living sustainably with Mother Earth, not just for us, but for everybody. We need to tell that story in a way, in time, that everybody will not just accept, but positively embrace and work to make happen. It can happen; it needs to happen.” 

He went on to say, “All the answers we need for our future are already to be found in the world around us, the living, growing, feeling Earth. All we have to do is learn to listen, and listen to hear, and hear to take action.”

Powerful stuff huh? So here’s the thing: I’m going to help you do that. I’m going to help you find your answers for your Self, your soul, in nature. The more you get connected to nature, the more you are going to learn about yourself, and the more you are going to see that we are not the centre of the universe, but we are part of it. You are written in the stars. Plants are your allies. Seasons are a timepiece for your soul. 

I’m going to take you on a journey and you’re going to discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You’re going to see yourself as part of the natural world.  You’re going to understand how the things you do now are going to ripple through time. You’re going to step into your power and your whole relationship with the world is going to change. 

And it’s going to be beautiful.


This is where we really dig deep into you so that you can discover things about yourself you’ve never even considered. So that you get those ‘Ah-hah’ moments where things just start making sense.

Together we discover the planetary, ecological and elemental influences on your body and soul and how we can work with them to transform your life. 

First up, after our free introductory call,  I’m going to do some chart work (just like the great physicians and philosophers of the renaissance did) to get a picture of your planetary influences.  The chart helps us get quickly to the nub of things and set goals for the next  six months or twelve months. It also helps me identify your plant allies and affinities with landscape as medicine.

We harness the power this understanding gives us so that you can reconnect, rebuild and revitalise your life.

You will learn to see yourself in relation to the natural world around you and you’re going to learn how to draw strength from it so that you can feel more confident, less alone, a better mother, lover, friend, business person, creative being.

The deeper we look into Nature, the more we understand everything better
Georgina Langdale
Albert Einstein
Physicist & Philosopher

In our introductory call we’ll identify the core issues you wish to work on. And I’ll explain the ways in which I work, which includes:

  • Nutrition
  • Plant wisdom
  • Goal-setting
  • Shamanic energy work
  • Renaissance astrology
  • Reiki
  • Holistic guidance
  • Coaching
500 years ago Marsilio Ficino described himself as a 'physician of the soul'. He believed that we had an internal universe that mirrored the celestial bodies in the sky above us. He said that we must understand the 'planets within' in order to live a happy and healthy life.
He saw our connection to Nature as part of our cure.
Georgina Langdale
Marsilio Ficino
Renaissance philosopher

From the knowledge of ancients to a practical understanding of the complexities of modern life, we can work together to place nature at the heart of your life journey.

We will identify your goals, find your allies in nature  – from the foods you eat, to the landscapes that help you heal, help you find courage, clarity and inspiration.

Having a career crisis  is never fun (but it can be a great catalyst for stepping onto your soul path!). Maybe you’re rebuilding after a relationship ending; perhaps you’re struggling with the changes menopause brings, or you want to find natural ways of dealing with stress and reaching your full potential? 

My unique style of coaching can help you get things back on track.

I’ve worked with people recovering after illness, facing up to a terminal prognosis, grieving after loss, trying to figure out their true path in life. I have clients in a number of countries around the world.

I work with a range of disciplines in an inspirational, yet totally practical way. I’m passionate about supporting people through key life transitions and placing nature at the heart of your well-being. 

  • Career changes
  • Grief
  • Life transition
  • Creativity
  • Menopause
  • Soul path
  • Compassionate care
  • Executive coaching

Let me create your unique six month programme to weave the personal, ecological and cosmological aspects of your being into one fluid whole.

It’s going to be amazing. Trust me on this. I’ve gone through this whole journey myself and it has opened doors into my being that have blown me away. I feel stronger, more focused, more expansive and more confident than I’ve ever felt before.

I got the message from nature that everything is connected, that a plant can help you just as much (or even more) than a person when I was seven years old. And I’d just been raped. I couldn’t talk to the people around me because I’d been threatened into silence and then it happened – nature stepped up for me. Before you knew it I was seeing the energy that flows through all things: us, trees, flowers, mountains, rocks, water, the stars, labradoodles….. and the best thing about it…. it helped me heal myself. And now, I can help you do yuor version of that too.

Since then I’ve worked all over the world. Fallen in love. Fallen out of love. Had a high pressure career. Left all that. Come back to New Zealand, put my hands in the soil. I’ve lost both my parents and gained a husband. Built an award-winning business and stepped out on this beautiful path to help others find their own healing in nature.

Are you ready? Come join me. What are you waiting for!


You can use our time together to:

  • Explore the medicine wheel and how it can help you bring your dreams into being
  • Heal past wounds
  • See how your potential is written in the natural world
  • Find your plant allies and learn how to work with them
  • Diet and nutrition tips based on your chart
  • Explore past life patterns via astrological charts and shamanic healing and see how you can make your future magnificent.
  • Compassionate care



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Places are strictly limited!


Georgina thank you for sharing your amazing passion and insight I got so much out of it.
It makes so much sense to work with rather than against nature and I loved learning about the properties of different plants around us.
My experience was excellent. Georgina is a warm and welcoming practitioner who really listens. I would highly recommend her and will definitely be returning.
Thank you in spades and hearts for the great healing session. Afterwards I slept for 12 straight hours (a record) apart from getting up a couple of times for a drink. Then straight back to sleep.

Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

Come with me on this journey back to connections we’ve always had, but just lost sight of.

Join a community of souls  and entrepreneurial spirits passionate about the ways we can work nature.

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

GEORGINA langdale

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