creating an award-winning business

I created an award-winning business called Archeus, handcrafting premium skincare products using traditional processes and Renaissance theory of health, well-being and healing herbs. These products are crafted for need, not fashion.

Archeus has customers around the world who love it for its integrity and commitment to working with the wholeness of the plant for the wholeness of the person.

Continuing in the line of healing traditions, I also ran workshops in my apothecary in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Now in these strange corona times, I am sharing this expertise online to enable people to craft their own products for their family friends and loved ones.

be not another, if you can be yourself


media & advertising

My professional career started out in the media and advertising. I worked as a copywriter for radio and ad agencies. This was a great way to get a real sense about what sells – and what doesn’t.  I wrote ads for everything from local butchers to sports cars. I learned about what makes people want to buy. It was a great apprenticeship for a career in communications.

Later in my career I spent a couple of years working on international trade promotions across Europe and the Middle East. This was a fascinating way to get a feel for a range of different industry sectors and how different markets respond to them, and invaluable as I help a range of businesses today

without creativity there is no innovation

PR & Culture

From there I moved into public relations. I’ve always tried to combine my personal interests with my professional working life and so I focussed on cultural communications as I loved the arts. In five hundred years time more of our creative minds will be remembered than accountants!

I ran a communications agency in London and we implemented campaigns for some of the biggest cultural institutions and events in the UK. I was privileged to work with some truly amazing people and organisations. This period really taught me how to tell stories. Stories of creative endeavour, of history, of life and love – the stories of our lives. It also taught me that stories still need to generate sales, tickets and admissions – creativity is still a form of commerce.

However, this time taught me that creating stories that sell, does not mean you have to lose your sense of integrity.

change agent for nature

Nature & the future

I love the arts, but I am also passionate about nature and increasingly found myself wanting to use my professional experience to ‘help give nature a voice’. I went and worked in senior management at Kew Gardens. My role was creating a case for conservation of nature and presenting it to the corporate world. Showing them why nature matters and why supporting efforts to conserve and restore is also supporting society’s well-being.

From Kew, I was invited to work with the United Nations as communications manager for a ground-breaking study on The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity, known as TEEB. This was an extraordinary chapter of my life. We were making an economic case for conservation of nature and laying down the groundwork for the move to a green economy. We were passionate about doing all we could to be the change we wanted to see in this world. It is now ten years since our work was first published and slowly, slowly we are starting to see governments and business take some of our recommendations on board.

At TEEB we created recommendations for governments and for business. Work was also done to create tools with which impacts on ecosystems could be identified and measured – it is this work that I have adapted for use with small businesses to help them identify their own risks and dependencies on nature and how they might reduce their negative impacts.

The work we did at TEEB was recognised with the 2020 Tyler Prize for the Environment, which is regarded by many as the equivalent of an environmental Nobel Prize. I have also been a judge of the St Andrews International Prize for the Environment for a number of years and have been contracted to undertake environmentally-based work in places like Ethiopia.

Since returning to New Zealand in 2011, I continued to do some work for the UN on TEEB and on Green Economy initiatives. My main focus though has been developing and launching my award-winning business, Archeus, and more recently launching my courses and coaching offering, georginalangdale.com.

Developing these courses, offering coaching and undertaking speaking engagements and workshop event is all part of me taking this professional experience and creating opportunities to help others on their own journeys. I think of this as Recycle-Re-use’ , all bits of my career are valuable. No experience is wasted.

waste nothing. experience everything

Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

Georginalangdale.com and Enhancingjourneys.org are divisions of Archeus Ltd. 

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