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Rumi said that “grief is the garden of compassion”. In my experience of supporting individuals and their families as they prepared for dying, and those left behind learning to navigate a new phase in their lives, the garden is a place that many return to.

Whether reflecting on the things that one loves or seeking connection to something greater as life starts to slip away. The daughter caring for her mother’s body after death. The widow searching for comfort in a world marked by absence… nature can step up for us, support us. It can offer solace and comfort, forgiveness, and courage.

I believe that deepening our connection to Nature as we navigate the end of life, helps on so many levels. It can create connections – to each other and to the wider community and cosmos. It can bring us closer to our gods. It offers up allies and it enables us to create sacredness among the pain and mundane.

My experience of loved one’s dying, and the loved one’s of others working their way around the circle of life: from birth to growth, harvest and fall, to health and to illness, to vitality and to release has inspired me to create a range of offerings that help connect us to each other and to Nature and, when all is said and done, to offer up Love.

I will be adding to this collection as future experiences identify a need, a way of helping others. I also offer training, coaching and guidance to help align body, mind, and spirit so that we may live well, and die well.

finding comfort & connection at the end of life

“This has offered me a way that I could contribute at the time of my loved ones passing, removing the feeling of helplessness, offering a way for me to be connected to my loved one and it acknowledges the importance of our connections to each other, and our connection to nature. And you reminded me that I am a little bit magic, that we all are. Thank you, Thank you.”


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“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

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