From darkness to the light


How is the turmoil of the world around you reflecting In your interior world?

Things are changing. Shifting. There is anger and fear. There is grief. Yet there is also hope for something better. Inclusive society. Care for Nature. Repair. Reform. Reset. Renew.
In the West on the medicine wheel we find a place of transformation: day into night. Life into death into life. Leaves fall in autumn, but so do seeds and in the winter darkness, new life waiting for spring.

Kawakawa helps us balance ourselves, helps us through this dark night of the soul. It leads us towards the light. It grows in the dim light under the canopy and it reaches out at the edge of forests. The greater the riches of its leaves, the more the insects feed, punching holes for the light to come in. Hope to stream into the forest of our soul.

Anoint. Sip. Kawakawa plant essence is medicine for soul and spirit in these turbulent times. Connect with nature one drop at a time. Let the energy of this plant guide you towards the light, protect you from negative influences. Help you be grounded when all is flying around you.

Head to the Plant Essences for this plant medicine for the soul.

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