Dandelion – the lion that stokes the furnace

Dandelion - stocking your inner furnace

This week’s plant essence is dandelion. Its botanic name is Taraxacum officinale.

The name dandelion comes from the French ‘Dent de Lion’, which means lion’s teeth. This is because if you look at the shape of a dandelion leaf it looks like the profile of lion fangs.

When I consider a plant for use as an essence (also known as a flower remedy), I first look at its use in herbal medicine as a tincture, infusion and so on so that I can judge its physical effect on our physical form. Then I look at how this evolves into the ‘spirit’ of the plant, and then I also look at the etheric and astral forces that influence it. I consider how it grows in the landscape, its form, its relationship to the ecosystem around it. This builds up a picture of its ‘signatum’. Its signature. I made my current batch of dandelion plant essence from dandelions growing (organically) in the paddock on our property and from some picked from my organic gardens.

Have you ever noticed how dandelion seems to thrive everywhere, including the most barren and inhospitable places like the sides of roads and the edge of lawns? They are tough and joyous little plants. Dandelion gets on with getting the job done of clearing out waste and bringing in goodness into soil. In fact, one tip is not to pick dandelion on old brown sites as they absorb heavy metals like lead and cadmium from the soil.

In herbalism, dandelion is a primo herb for the digestive system as its roots and leaves stimulate the liver and the kidneys, which aids digestion and excretion. Dandelion is known as a bitter herb. Bitter tasting herbs ‘trick’ the body into thinking that poison has been ingested and so the digestive function is put on full alert to neutralise ‘the enemy’. This is why it is good to taste bitter herbs rather than just swallow them in a capsule, as it is the taste that stimulates action. Just popping a capsule down the hatch doesn’t have the same effect.


"Dandelion is allied with the third chakra, the solar plexus, which is the seat of our internal fire."

Dandelion is ruled by the sun and Jupiter (its bright yellow flower gives us a hint about this) and when we look at planetary alliances for the body, we see that the sun is very much about our internal fire, our engine and vitality. Jupiter is the planet associated with the liver. So energetically, dandelion is a plant equipped with the astral forces that help you ‘stoke your fire’. It is a beautiful ally if you’ve been feeling exhausted, or have a sense of having lost your way, and are finding it hard to keep moving forward.

Dandelion is allied with the third chakra, the solar plexus, which is the seat of our internal fire. I see it as helping digest past issues and renew your energy. I see this energy is supporting you emotionally as you make your way back from illness to wellness. Tough little dandelion with its bright yellow face making the best of everything put in its way.

Like those great physicians of the renaissance, Marsilio Ficino and Paracelsus, I see our health and wellbeing inextricably linked to the natural world and the more we can place ourselves in ‘right relationship’ with Nature, the more we can improve the well-being of us and this planet. Plant essences are all about creating a quantum connection with a plant ally. They are not about a physiological remedy, but they are all about an emotional and spiritual connection to Nature and to a specific plant.

Plant Essences do not contraindicate with any other medications you may be taking. To take an essence, place a couple of drops in a glass of water and sip it. Really place yourself at the heart of building  a relationship with this beautiful little plant. You can also anoint chakra and pulse points. With dandelion, I recommend anointing your third chakra and take a moment to connect with the stoking of your inner furnace.

If you word like to learn more about working with plant essences, I will soon be releasing my course on plant energetics. Also, when I work with you in my Renaissance model of health and well-being in my Find Your Magic consultation and Wisdom of Ancients guidance I identify the plant allies that can help you transform your life through Nature.

You can purchase my Dandelion plant essence here.

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