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Finding Conditions for Growth

New beginnings. New cycles. We are here, the same yet not the same. Growth. Renewal. Like this bud on a fig tree, we need the right conditions for growth. This image, taken in the local reserve recently, conjures for me a flame, a green torch being carried by a messenger for Mother Earth. Take away …

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A guide for dying as a manual for Life

Why is it that we fear talking about death? Why is it that we live our lives as if death is something that doesn’t happen to us – until we are told that it does? Have you played that game with friends, you know, the one where you say, “If I had three months to …

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Learn how to work with Nature at the End of Life

I wanted to let you know about a very special series of workshops I’ll be teaching in October live and online thanks to my friends at The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York. The three-session series is called: Connecting to Nature at the End of Life: Navigating this sacred passage. This course is suitable for: People …

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Big Changes Coming

Developing more coaching and guidance offerings Since establishing Archeus in 2013, I’ve been on such a journey. What started off as a business making natural skincare has become something so more. Along the way I’ve won awards for my work helping people through life transitions, various products of mine have been selected as finalists in …

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moon, woman, silhouette

Being Here Now – what death shows us about life

Recently, I had my first ever bout of shingles and I read it as a sign to look hard at what I do and where I show up in this world. I realized I was trying to be everywhere, but the icy jab of shingles, made me see that my true path is as healer, …

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Sowing Seeds of Memory

When I was a young woman, living in Melbourne I started to garden. I decided to create something beautiful from pain. For every memory of childhood trauma, for moments of sadness and angst, frustration and blame, I planted a flower. I figured if I did this, it would turn into something beautiful and I wouldn’t …

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silhouette, woman, landscape

Call this a crisis? Weeping for all things lost

  Here in New Zealand, we see the COVID headlines. We see the numbers, the statistics. We see images of mass graves as we head to a café, hug a friend. We know others are having a tougher time of it ‘out there’, but how hard? This morning I joined a live Zoom workshop that …

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dandelion, dandelion crown, wreath

Dandelion – the lion that stokes the furnace

Dandelion – stocking your inner furnace This week’s plant essence is dandelion. Its botanic name is Taraxacum officinale. The name dandelion comes from the French ‘Dent de Lion’, which means lion’s teeth. This is because if you look at the shape of a dandelion leaf it looks like the profile of lion fangs. When I …

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Teaching with the Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York

New York! I’m thrilled to have been invited to be part of the line up of inspirational teachers at the Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York. The joy of virtual learning means it’s a great opportunity to take part in some online learning with me – wherever in the world you are. I’m going to be …

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Taking Time in Nature

Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”. Numerous studies have shown that getting outside into some green space is good for you and connecting with nature brings a host of benefits from reduced anxiety to increased fitness.  A 2009 study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, summarised its findings …

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Soul Garden with Karen Johnson

Are you dealing with a sense of grief or loss right now? Maybe these coronavirus times are making you mourn for the freedoms we had just a short time ago? Or maybe you have lost a loved one and your not sure how to deal with the pain and the heartbreak and the loss? What …

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Morning Mist Meditation

Hello, I hope this finds you well. This morning as I walked in the forest in the mist, this meditation came through or me. It gives me pleasure to share it with you here. If you like this, and would like to listen to more, I invite you to join my newsletter, or follow me …

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Getting your business online

do you need to get your business online? COVID-19 is changing the way we live, and the way we do business. If you are a small business operator and you need to get your offering online, I can help you. I’ve learnt how to work with a range of online apps, platforms and integrations. I …

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Tapping into Wellsprings of Strength

  As we find ourselves in isolation and lockdown in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we can take heart and find strength by aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature. Here is New Zealand it is Autumn and we can harness this time of turning inwards and downwards, the preparation for winter, for …

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When the Doctor Calls

When death is near – the dilemma of making choices without a plan.

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Be the Change you want for this world

2020 has got off to a profound and troubling start. Our world is burning. With fire there is loss, sorrow, fear. After fire there is growth, renewal and repair. This guided meditation is in response to the fires burning in Australia, the Amazon and other parts of the world. It leads to a prayer for …

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Being Present

There is a place in the reserve where I walk each morning with my dogs, where there is an archway of bush over the path. The earthy density of the smell of soil, leaf matter and tree is pierced, as if by an arrow, by the most beautiful ephemeral fragrance of honeysuckle winding its way …

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Guided Visualisation

In the busyness of our daily lives we can lose sight of the threads that stitch us into our favourite landscapes or connect us to our favourite animals or birds.

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Totems in the landscape

Are there things in nature that you consider your own personal totems? A natural object or animal that becomes an emblem of your own hopes and dreams and spiritual truths.

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Seeing with the eyes of the heart

Hawthorn is medicine for the heart and a cicada skin can speak to us of birth and of death. Nature’s medicine writ large in a forest of forgiveness.

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Speaking One’s Truth

Meet Mullein, a plant of communication

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