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When the Doctor Calls

When death is near – the dilemma of making choices without a plan.

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Be the Change you want for this world

2020 has got off to a profound and troubling start. Our world is burning. With fire there is loss, sorrow, fear. After fire there is growth, renewal and repair. This guided meditation is in response to the fires burning in Australia, the Amazon and other parts of the world. It leads to a prayer for …

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Being Present

There is a place in the reserve where I walk each morning with my dogs, where there is an archway of bush over the path. The earthy density of the smell of soil, leaf matter and tree is pierced, as if by an arrow, by the most beautiful ephemeral fragrance of honeysuckle winding its way …

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Guided Visualisation

In the busyness of our daily lives we can lose sight of the threads that stitch us into our favourite landscapes or connect us to our favourite animals or birds.

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Totems in the landscape

Are there things in nature that you consider your own personal totems? A natural object or animal that becomes an emblem of your own hopes and dreams and spiritual truths.

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Seeing with the eyes of the heart

Hawthorn is medicine for the heart and a cicada skin can speak to us of birth and of death. Nature’s medicine writ large in a forest of forgiveness.

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Speaking One’s Truth

Meet Mullein, a plant of communication

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Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

Come with me on this journey back to connections we’ve always had, but just lost sight of.

Join a community of souls  and entrepreneurial spirits passionate about the ways we can work nature.

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

GEORGINA langdale

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