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Developing more coaching and guidance offerings

Since establishing Archeus in 2013, I’ve been on such a journey. What started off as a business making natural skincare has become something so more. Along the way I’ve won awards for my work helping people through life transitions, various products of mine have been selected as finalists in international awards, I’ve taught literally hundreds of people at my workshops, and over the past year or so I’ve really been developing my coaching practice.

What I have realised through all this is that I like showing up and being of service as people go through the tough stuff. Navigating the end of life is a big part of this. I don’t know if it’s because of experiences when I was younger that made me leave my body (and in doing so learn so much about soul and spirit), or due to my experiences as my parents got ill and died, or the times I have cared for friends at the end of life or in bereavement, but I have realised it is really a calling for me.  The other thing I have realised is that the more I have faced death, the more powerful life seems (you can read more about that in this blog) and so this is filtering in a really positive way into the work I do helping people through transitions and development their total awesomeness.

Not content to just figure things out for myself, I have complemented my interactions with people in the end of life space, with training in compassionate care, including with the Conscious Dying Institute in Boulder, Colorado. And most importantly, the people I have been with, and Nature itself have been the greatest teachers of all.

I think there is a real need for us to have someone to help us deal with end of life, as part of life, and so I am creating coaching and guidance programs for people who are facing their own mortality, people caring for a loved one who is dying, and people who are dealing with grief and bereavement. I’m creating resources, recordings, private Facebook groups with live group sessions to complement my one-on-one coaching offering. I look forward to launching those soon. If you have any questions about them, do not hesitate to email me here.

I’ve summed up where I am placing my focus as:

Coaching, Guidance and Nature-based Therapy for Life Transitions, Personal Development and End of Life

But this means letting other things go

Creating space to really pursue my calling, means that I have to also let some things go in order to make space for the new to come in. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of that. Deep breath – here goes:

The What

I will soon be stopping making my skincare products. This has been a terribly hard decision to make. So if you like them, I recommend you purchase them while stocks last (in saying that I am fairly low on Calendula & Gotu Kola  Cream at the moment, but will make another batch next week to help get through this transition period).

Please note though that I will continue to make and sell my plant essences and elixirs because they are such extraordinary bridge-builders between us and our plant allies. Plus, my custom-made service Astrobotanics.

The How

There is good news!!!!  I have decided to share all of my recipes of Archeus skincare products I have made over the years* – including the ones that have been selected in awards. I’m creating PDF’s of each recipe, info on the ingredients – why I choose them, what they do etc. I am shooting videos to show you how to make creams, infuse oils and so on. I’m also including customer reviews of the products so you can see what people liked about them. These will become available on my website for you to purchase.

In addition – I will be making some of my infused oils available for you to purchase if you don’t want to spend the time doing that part of the process yourself. I will also be making some of the dried herbs available also.

I’m expecting this transition to have taken full effect by December 2020.

So again, in summary:

  • I am continuing to offer my plant essences and custom-made Astrobotanics service.
  • I am expanding my coaching and guidance offering to cater for life transitions, personal development and end of life
  • I will be stopping making my general ‘off the shelf’ skincare products (get them while stocks last)
  • I will be making educational online mini-courses for all of my product recipes

Gosh – you know, that was quite something to write this. I am happy and I am sad, and I am on my path – everything is as it should be


Georgina xxx


* NatFem Balm and Supernatural Tattoo Balm have so much potential and so I am not sure what to do with these. They need someone with lots of energy and dedication and yes, finances, to pick either of them up and make them really go to the next level. As such they will not be available as mini-courses until I explore possibilities for selling them on. If you are interested in talking this through. Please do get in touch.

14 thoughts on “Big Changes Coming”

  1. You keep on moving Georgina – well done. How incredibly generous of you to share your wonderful recipes for skincare which I have enjoyed so much over the years. I’m excited to see them and see what I can magic up in your name! thank you and kindest wishes Janet

    1. Georgina Langdale

      Hi Janet. Thank you so much for your message and your support over the years. I’m having fun putting all the recipe info together into little courses! It’s quite a lot of work but I don’t feel its right to let them all just disappear into the ether. I’ll be updating subscribers via newsletters and FB etc as they become available. In the meantime there is still stock available of most of my products.

  2. Courageous and Beautiful… to follow the call of your Soul. And hearing the call of Souls making transitions, to let go in order to take their hands. I am so happy for you, Georgina. The path has led you here. Nature has guided you to your most essential medicine and sacred offering for the World. So needed at this time. Fare forward, Bright Soul.

    1. Georgina Langdale

      Dearest Stefania
      What a soul sister you are! Thank you for your support. I really want to help change our relationship with the end of life. I think we all hope for a sense of peace, and I am hoping that I can help people have bold, tender and courageous conversations with loved ones well before death is approaching, so that when the time comes, they have so much more understanding of their own, or the dying person’s wishes and needs, and have so many more ‘tools’ to help them (everyone in the room) navigate this sacred passage.

  3. Hi George..what a huge change! Good on you though I really believe we should follow the paths we enjoy. You really have a gift and it’s wonderful you share your knowledge and learning so generously.
    I really hope you find a manufacturer for your feminine balm. It’s a great product and is the only thing I’ve tried that doesn’t react with the skin in my natal cleft.

    1. Georgina Langdale

      Hi Chris
      Yes, both a change and an evolution! When I got shingles recently I really questioned and reviewed my work and could see quite plainly that everything kept spiralling back round to helping and supporting people as they navigate major life transitions, including death. And I realised that helping people through the tough stuff was where I felt a true resonance with what I wanted to do in life.
      In saying that, it has been really hard to actually say I am winding down the skincare products side of the business, especially NAtFem Balm – it is helping so many women here and in the United States – I really hope someone comes forward to look at giving it even bigger wings that I can equip it with. But there is plenty in stock at the moment!!!

  4. Celebrations my beautiful friend. You continue to bravely and kindly walk the path less travelled by and, in so doing, you make the world a more beautiful place. We are so blessed to have you. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

    1. Georgina Langdale

      Thank you so much lovely one. I’m really looking forward to adding the offerings to the website that I am working on at present. I hope to do a lot more writing and teaching and speaking as well as coaching and guidance. The future feels good. xxxx

    1. Georgina Langdale

      Hi Rachel
      I know, so many people love so many of my products. It makes this decision tough. But there is still plenty of stock in my storeroom at present so don’t worry yet!

  5. You bring such magic and calm to everyone and everything you engage with. I can’t think of anyone that I would rather help and guide me or anyone else through difficult transitions and times in life. You are a blessing to us all. Big hugs and huge well wishes for your new pathway. All the very best, Tracy 🔆

    1. Georgina Langdale

      Dearest Tracy
      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words. Part of this pathway is also creating online courses for things like plant energetics and the recipes for all of my products.I am sure that other things will come into this space as well via my podcast etc and so I hope that maybe we will connect again in one of these offerings. I also plan to do in-person workshops for people around connecting to nature to help us on our life journeys, and so I may see you at one of those down the track too. xxx

  6. What an exciting time ahead for you.. I have only recently discovered your website and wonderful plant essences (which I love) and so loved Doing the Online workshop creating cosmetics from what you have in your pantry…
    I’m excited to see what online courses and recipes you make available.. such a generous thing to share..
    I can’t wait to see the next step in your journey what an important part of people’s lives you will become sharing your knowledge and guidance ..
    All the best, Lisa

    1. Georgina Langdale

      Kia ora Lisa
      Thank you so much. I am so looking forward to getting all these offerings made and available. I LOVE teaching and sharing knowledge and I love working with people through the good times and the bad. Now that I have actually said out loud that these changes are happening, I am very excited and feel absolutely heart-centred about it all. arohanui, Gxx

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