Being Present


There is a place in the reserve where I walk each morning with my dogs, where there is an archway of bush over the path. The earthy density of the smell of soil, leaf matter and tree is pierced, as if by an arrow, by the most beautiful ephemeral fragrance of honeysuckle winding its way through this lush green tunnel along the path.

This morning I stopped to try and inhale more of this beautiful, exquisite fragrance. Trying to fill my lungs and my soul with its gorgeousness. Filling up for the day ahead. But the more I inhaled the harder it became to find that elusive scent.

Nature is such a beautiful and wise teacher and the more we observe and take heed of her messages, the wiser we grow. This morning in the honeysuckle tunnel, her wisdom chimed with Buddhist thought about being in the moment; being fully present where you are right now.

By being fully present when I first smelled the honeysuckle it came to me as a gift. Yet when I tried to hold onto it, to gobble up more than my fair share, the aroma dissipated in the ether. I couldn’t find it anymore. The experience was lost.

So I believe nature was saying, ‘don’t try and hold onto pleasure all the time. Don’t try and capture something beautiful and make it yours. Just by being fully present in the moment – and every moment – you will experience all the beauty you need.’

Then as I loaded this blog onto my site. And as I took the photo from my phone and placed it here – it made me think about life’s path. We don’t know what lies around the corner. There may be joy, there could be sadness. There may be anger, there could be love. So experiencing beauty in a moment, in this moment right now becomes even more sacred and helps dissipate the regretful aroma of ‘If Only’.

What are your moments of beauty in the places unexpected?

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