Astrobotanics is created by the award-winning founder of Archeus skincare to bring you the ultimate in personalised care for beauty and soul. Combining a deep knowledge of plants and their medicinal, beauty and spiritual uses; the wisdom of renaissance physicians and philosophers and the energetic understanding of shamans, Astrobotanics is a 12-month offering that creates and sends you completely personalized care packages for body and soul.

In New Zealand, there is a studio set within organic gardens on a mountain deemed sacred, in which a very special offering is created by one woman, and only for you. That woman, the maker, is me: healer, herbalist, energy worker, and time traveller. You are one of a few people each year who I will create Astrobotanics for. Numbers are limited in order to maximise care and attention to detail.

Only the finest organically grown plants are used, many from my gardens. Some plant material comes from the surrounding forests and region; some from native forest growing on my family farm. All plant materials is harvested and grown sustainably.

Once harvested, the slow and exact process of creating oils, hydrosols, tinctures and essences begins.

There is something exquisite about organic plant oils slowly being infused with botanical extracts from plants harvested according to natural seasons and celestial rhythms.  

This is care at a whole new level. Feel the knowing, that tangible sense of your creams, oils and essences made with the wisdom that comes with the close observation of nature and a deep understanding of  the knowledge of healers through time; the men and women who understood the healing power of plants and the influence of planets. I walk in their footsteps and now, you do too.

The ancients were masters of observation. They saw the patterns in the stars mirrored in life here on earth: plant, mineral, person, creature… as above, so below.

They saw a galaxy of connections: calendula under guidance of the Sun, nettle under Mars, olive under Jupiter, willow under Moon, honeysuckle under Mercury, yarrow under Venus, comfrey under Saturn… a pantheon of healing revealed by looking deep into Nature.

These planetary alliances find bodily allegiances in skin, blood, organs, mind and soul, by using the exact techniques documented by the masters of Renaissance thought and healing, a picture is built up of your relationship to the cosmos. You become the microcosm resonating within the macrocosm. By observing planetary movements and their relationship with your own astrological form, plants are selected for you. Just for you. For your skin, and for your soul.

Maybe for the first time in your life, you are seen. Truly seen.

YOU are truly seen

Together, we observe everything: the time, date and place of your birth, the patterns in the sky at that time, the cosmic bumps and pulls, the place where you live now and its seasons and lunar cycles. Each bit of information is a piece of the picture of you.

From this, I select your plant allies to nourish, calm, clear, soothe and support body and soul as you move through the calendar year, once around the sun every year.

Like you, the energy of plants shifts with season and moon. Flowers, root, leaf, stem, sap collected according to these ebbs and flows. The rising up and the deepening down of energy chosen to support and harmonise with your own flow, your own passage through time and circumstance.

Astrobotanics will place you closer to the natural world
than you ever thought possible

You may live in a city, near the sea, inland, on hills, mountains, or plains. You may not even see a tree from your window, but wherever you are, this offering, this Astrobotanics care will place you closer to the natural world than you ever thought possible. Cream on skin, oils absorbed, essences and elixirs taken in a sip, a drop, a gentle anointing of chakra and pulse points. Daily routine made sacred ritual.

You are written in the stars, and the plants nourish and support you.

Every two months, you will receive a new package with its contents created in alignment with the seasons and celestial movements ahead. I will write to you of transits, planets and plants. You will learn about your unique connections with the cosmos.

And, if you want to go even deeper, you can. I will guide you directly. But, to give you the time and the attention you deserve, I have limited the number of people I work with. Join the waiting list for one-on-one guidance, healing and coaching with me here.

This journey together starts here.

Georgina xx


Places are limited

“Georgina is a plant alchemist, apothecary and a shaman with deep wisdom and true healing gifts. Thank you Georgina – this is alchemy for the soul. ” – Stefania

"Each star in the great firmament and in the firmament of man has its specific influence,
and each plant likewise, and the two correspond together. "

Places are limited.

Medical disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional and and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree” and are divisions of Archeus Ltd. 

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