Imagine knowing that the creams and oils you use on your skin are made from plants that work with your physical and energetic being.

Imagine the feeling that comes with knowing each ingredient has been selected according to your particular need.

This is beauty and well-being at a whole new level.
This is a future that works with nature.

This is plants harvested, for you, according to season and lunar rhythms. This is pure, natural and organic ingredients handcrafted into your own products for body and soul. This is your very essence according to astrological resonance and the wisdom of ancients.

You will never find this on a shop shelf.

Tapping into the wisdom of ancients.

Creating a quantum connection with Nature

Georgina Langdale

About Me


Since my childhood I’ve been able to tap into the healing powers of nature.

Over the years I’ve trained in herbalism, reiki, shamanism, astrology and coaching. I’ve studied the writing of ancient Arabic and Egyptian healers, great renaissance physicians and philosophers. I think there is much to be gained from their ideas that our health and well-being is seen in direct relationship to the natural world and the cosmos. It’s a beautiful way of working in these modern and often disconnected times.

Over the years I’ve won awards and international recognition for my product formulations with my brand Archeus, as well as for my work as a healer.

I created Astrobotanics as a very special offering. One where I can draw these different methodologies together into an integrated form of service for body, beauty and spirit.

I invite you to come join me on this journey.

Georgina Langdale x 


Georgina introduced me to alternate ways to see myself, powered by ancient understanding and practices.  


Georgina, like Paracelsus is showing us a new perspective and heralding a new era of thinking. I congratulate her for bravely living her dream … and our skin thanks her for giving us such amazing product to use.


The owner and maker of these remedies is genuinely gifted and in a deep integral connection with nature and all her beings. Her healing energy shines shines through. Thank you for making these wonderful healing products.

The ultimate in personalized care for body, beauty and soul

Is yours. All you need to do is click the button to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

This information enables me to create your astrological chart, in the same way that healers from Hippocrates to Culpeper have done. 

The chart enables us to capture the positions of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth, and from there we can reflect on some of the patterns they create in your own physiology and emotional world.

A simple way of looking at this question is to look at the effect of the moon on tides, seasons, women’s cycles, when to sow plants and when to harvest.

We are familiar with the pull the moon has on processes here on earth and within our own bodies. As planets orbit the sun, there are times when they are nearer to each other, or further away. Even times when they look like they are on top of each other, or that they are moving backwards. So, in the same way that the pull of the moon varies according to its position in our sky, we could assume that there may be different ‘pulls’ and pushes from other planets and celestial bodies as well.

People throughout time have observed these movements and mapped them with seasons, epochs, prosperity, health and even pandemics.

Astrobotanics works with the insights ancient minds gave us, alongside your own unique chart which shows exactly where the planets were when you were born. This helps create a fuller picture of you in relation to the world around you.

The creams you will receive are made from a mix of water-based and oil based ingredients that have been carefully selected to harmonise with your unique constitution. I use plant hydrosols for the water component. I use butters and waxes such as shea butter, beeswax, mango butter. I select organic oils pressed from plants including camellia, sunflower, hemp, evening primrose, according to their biochemical properties and constitution as seen through a planetary lens. Some of these oils will then be infused with the properties of other medicinal and healing plants. Essential oils and plant essences will also be incorporated.

The oils will be selected to match, harmonise and enhance your skin. They will be slowly infused with carefully selected plants, many of which will have been harvested from my own organic garden. Once the infusion process is finished, the oils are strained and filtered.

Plant essences work at an emotional and spiritual level. Blends of plant essences are called elixirs. I make all the plant essences I work with, from plants growing organically on my property and surrounding areas. They are gather according to season and the lunar calendar.

When I first do your consultation and identify your astral influences alongside your plant allies, I plan out the 12 months ahead, to ensure that I harvest plants at the right time for you so that they are ready to include in your products through the 12 months.

Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

Join a community of beautiful souls passionate about enhancing life journeys through a deep connection with nature

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

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