I’m someone who believes in the transformational power of nature,
and in transforming our relationship with the natural world.
Life, business, love, loss, earth, sky, everything is connected.
And when we see that, and work with that… great healing can occur.

It was a childhood trauma that set me on the path of energy worker, herbalist and shaman; but it is joy, wisdom, and a shamanic connection to past, present and future, that has kept me on it.

Originally from the UK, but now based in New Zealand, I’ve been helping people across the globe transform their lives, and the way they do business, through deepening their connection to Nature and the cosmos via guidance, products and energy work.

Much of my work has focussed on helping people navigate the tough stuff: grief, end of life and our own sense of vulnerability. By combining plants, planets, people and the medicine wheel, I help you opens doors into the Archeus, the vital force that connects us with nature and the universe.

Drawing on renaissance wisdom, profound experience and the power of observation, I can help you transform your life and thinking.

“Georgina is a plant alchemist, apothecary and a shaman with deep wisdom and true healing gifts. Thank you, Georgina – this is alchemy for the soul.” – Stefania

Georgina, you are one of the most visionary people I know
Malcolm Mclaren (R.I.P.)

Let's work with Nature and recognise our place as part of it

I care deeply about handing knowledge on

I’m a link in the daisy chain of healers and wisdom keepers through time. And, in keeping with tradition, I wish to hand knowledge. To share what I have learned, to empower others. I have taught hundreds of people via in-situ workshops in my apothecary in New Zealand. But now, in this ‘new normal’ I am in the process of  creating online courses and virtual learning opportunities.

You can find out more here.

I can create truly unique products for body, beauty and soul… just for you

Combining a deep knowledge of plants and their medicinal, beauty and spiritual uses, Astrobotanics is where I pull the workings of renaissance astrologers and physicians, herbalists, shamans and seers together to identify your plant allies and create for you, your own personal products and essences. We travel together around the sun and during this time you are truly seen and recognised for who you are and how you resonate with the worlds above, and below.  Due to the level of details and care that goes into this offering, places are strictly limited.

Find out more here.

Navigating the End of Life

Why should the end of life mean that we can’t be connected to things we have loved in life: a landscape, a favorite flower, a tree, a night sky? How do we work with plant energetics and earth medicine to help cope with death and loss?

I work with people preparing for their own death, family members, end of life coaches and doulas, palliative care workers, funeral directors and healers.

Connecting to nature at the end of life can help offer support with feelings of loneliness, fear, grief.  It can help create courage, love, forgiveness and peace. It can help everyone in the room to feel less lonely, less afraid and more sublimely supported at this tender and sacred transition.

Find out more here

I can help you create transformation by connecting to the healing power of Nature

Deep healing can arise from being more closely connected to Nature. And you don’t need to be living in a rural idyll to do that. I can help awaken you to the idea of being in right relationship with Nature and the cosmos. I work with my many years of observation and connection, along with the wisdom of the ancients: Ficino, Paracelsus, Culpeper to name a few.

 I’ve developed ways of deepening our connection to Nature to help get through the stuff of life: joy, sorrow, fear, loneliness and love and I offer techniques and insight through coaching sessions.

Together we can use sessions for guidance or for healing, or both. Find out more here


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Georgina is very knowledgeable, supportive and inspiring. The knowledge I have gained has helped me move forward more confidently in my business. Thank you!

looking after the earth for future generations

Nature is at the heart of everything I do.

I believe that as nature provides, so we should give something back.

The one thing we all depend upon, is nature. We ARE nature.

Every purchase you make on this website, supports conservation  and habitat restoration activity.


Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

Join a community of beautiful souls passionate about enhancing life journeys through a deep connection with nature

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree”

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