This is care at a whole new level. Feel the knowing, that tangible sense of your creams, oils and essences made with the wisdom that comes with the close observation of nature and a deep understanding of  the knowledge of healers through time; the men and women who understood the healing power of plants and the influence of planets. I walk in their footsteps and now, you do too.

The ancients were masters of observation. They saw the patterns in the stars mirrored in life here on earth: plant, mineral, person, creature… as above, so below.

They saw a galaxy of connections: calendula under guidance of the Sun, nettle under Mars, olive under Jupiter, willow under Moon, honeysuckle under Mercury, yarrow under Venus, comfrey under Saturn… a pantheon of healing revealed by looking deep into Nature.

These planetary alliances find bodily allegiances in skin, blood, organs, mind and soul, by using the exact techniques documented by the masters of Renaissance thought and healing, a picture is built up of your relationship to the cosmos. You become the microcosm resonating within the macrocosm. By observing planetary movements and their relationship with your own astrological form, plants are selected for you. Just for you. For your skin, and for your soul.

Maybe for the first time in your life, you are seen. Truly seen.



1:       To be eligible for the Astrobotanics offering, you will first need to complete the FIND YOUR MAGIC consultation as this provides the time, date and place of your birth, the patterns in the sky at that time, the cosmic bumps and pulls, the place where you live now with its seasons and lunar cycles. Each bit of information is a piece of the picture of you. From this, I select your plant allies to nourish, calm, clear, soothe and support body and soul as you move through the calendar year.

2:       Upon purchase, you will be sent an additional questionnaire to complete and submit. That questionnaire will be the opportunity for you to share any particular health or skin issues you may have.*

PLEASE NOTE: You can purchase one season set at a time, or for an annual pack of four packages (one sent every three months from delivery of the first package).

Drawing upon renaissance health traditions, my knowledge of plants for healing and my expertise in energy work, I use the information to interpret your core emotional and physical constitution according to the planetary influences in your chart.

* Please note this information remains strictly confidential.


I select the plants that will become the core ingredients in your own luxurious skin creams and serums. I also identify the plants that will help you through the coming season and transits, and use traditional techniques to prepare your products. Processes include slowly infusing plant oils with fresh and dried plant material and creating hydrosols using a traditional alembic still. I have designed this offering so that it can also accommodate seasonal influences as well as astrological ones.

Plant essences help you connect with the plants and trees that can act as your allies. They are a way of deepening a quantum connection with the natural world. I identify the plant essences that will work with you at an energetic level and create your own personalised essence and elixir blends for each two-month period. You can use these essences in a number of ways, from a couple of drops added to water or juice to sip, anointing chakra and pulse points, placing in a diffuser. I also include some essences in your skincare products.

"Each star in the great firmament and in the firmament of man has its specific influence, and each plant likewise, and the two correspond together. "


You will receive a package* from me that has been created for your unique composition and the resonances of the coming weeks. 

The package will contain:

A written document outlining the products, the transits, and the plants that will help you over the following two months.

1 x 100ml jar of personalized and handcrafted face cream made from plants specially selected for you.

1 x 50ml bottle of personalized and handcrafted facial serum made from organic plant oils slowly infused with your personal blend of healing herbs.

3 x 10ml plant essences so that you can create a quantum connection with the plant allies who you support you through the coming weeks.

1 x mystery gift. I can’t help myself, I will be guided by planets and plants to add a little extra something to your package.

*please allow three weeks for the making of this package, plus delivery time.

More questions? Click here for more info.

Medical disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional and and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Every purchase supports plant conservation and habitat restoration

“I didn’t just hug the tree….. 

I became the tree” and are divisions of Archeus Ltd. 

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